About Us

Complete Process Control Supplier


Flame India is India’s leading manufacturer of high quality temperature sensors. A sister concern of the Flame was established in 2005, Flame India has gone on to master technological skills with apt and upbeat manpower to serve as many as 600 customers.  Flame India is known for industrial process instrumentation Kolkata, statistical process control, resistance temperature detector and Flame India industrial Thermocouples.


Consisting of quality Engineers, Technician, Procuring Agent, Researcher, Quality experts, Storekeepers, Packers and Managers, Flame India lives by its vision to “To be the most successful and admired company in the industry where people will believe us like their friends & philosopher; in short - the most obvious choice for all.” Quality research forms yet another key aspect of Flame India with state of the art research facilities for 24x7 innovations focus. Indeed great stress is laid on innovation in this very creative organization.

The Quality policy at Flame India is equally inspiring. We bring along with us the absolute need to be among the top most quality firms of the country as well as the world with established practices audited often and enough for the satisfaction of the employees as well as the customers. Our Human Relations explore the innovative idea of treating our employees as creative souls with free spirits instead of wage earners. This automatically leads to a great connect with the people and an unimaginable loyalty towards the organization.

Additionally, quality factors such as Durability of the products, Swift and perfect functioning, Safe to use, Fine finish, Accurate dimensions, Bright and clear display, Scratch & Corrosion resistant and Light weight are given utmost importance at Flame India. We are also aided by some of the best marketing efforts in the industry and do not leave the customer with just the product but offer tremendous post sales services and insights into further usage and purchase. That has remained the hallmark of Flame India. The company and its products are classified by  Innovation, Creativity, Quality Products, Low Price, Fastest Delivery, ISO certification, Best Quality Machineries for Test and Calibration and 100% Customer Satisfaction.


It is in this 100% customer satisfaction that rests the heart of the Flame India operations. With our single motto to deliver on our promise, we at Flame India launch our products as not mere products but as support systems and we intend them to be that way for our cherished users.


The final impact of the sincerity of the Flame India products is felt directly by the common man and in there is the success of the eight and more years of sheer hard work and excellence. Alas, excellence is a continuous pursuit and Flame India will continue with this pursuit for a long time and perhaps till forever. This is the best thing that any sensor provider could ever offer and Flame India does a bright job at offering these services. It is truly fantastic that the services hit every home and make every soul happy and blessed.