Industries We Serve

Flame India caters to a wide range of industries. The products suits the Cement Industries modules as well as a Power Plant module , Sponge Iron Plants module, Steel Industries , Motor Industries & OEM as we are India's leading Thermocouple , RTD & Accessories manufacturer.

As mentioned, the key industries are Cement, Steel, Sponge Iron, Power , Motor & Generator  & OEM.



As of 2011, India was the fourth highest steel producing country among all the countries in the world. The consumption of steel however is low in India. This gap in consumption is an indicator towards the great potential of the nation. However steel is a core industry and the FLAME INDIA products in this industry are all top notch. Each of them has gone on to hit the nail on its head. The steel is still a core sector and is responsible for a lot of the country’s income. The fact that Flame India contributes to this industry is something special.





With nearly 390 million tons (MT) of cement production capacity, India is the second largest cement producer in the world and accounts for 6.7 per cent of world’s cement output. With this growing graph quality plays vital role which is achieved by maintaining designed process flow. As the temperature is a crucial part of cement production Flame India serving continuously with their high accuracy product to meet accurate measurement of temperature.

Sponge Iron


The sponge iron industry in India is often assessed by a regulatory report which in turn is based on an inspection and information which is collected from the pollution boards. The four key states here are Jharkhand, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha among others. Flame India shares great potential along with this growing Indian industry. The biggest contribution of Flame India to this high-growth industry is the ability of the organization to monitor the pollution through its hallmark products. The products go on to form the best of the countries needs towards efficient renewable resource creation.





The power sector in India is as large as the range of installed power which sums up to as much as 220 GW. This is among the world’s largest power figures and a lot of it is captive too. Non renewable power exists and helps the country in its daily chores. This is not to say that renewable power hasn’t made a footmark here. This in fact contributes thirteen percent to the power ratio. Flame India’s contributions to the power sector remain its greatest strength. The company celebrates its presence and business in the power sector and rakes in a large quotient of its turnover from the products that it makes for this sector.







Electric motors are the essential of every industry. AC and DC type electric motors are integral parts of Electric equipment industry.  Among the various protective measure, temperature monitoring of stator winding and bearing is very essential to drive the motor safe and smoothly. Taking care of the severity of the protection, Flame India is deliberately doing this job by delivering highly engineered temperature sensors.