Flame India manufactures different types of special RTD like RTD for HVAC, RTD for Pharmaceutical applications, Sanitary RTD, Explosion proof RTD  for Hazardous application etc.




RX RTD sensors are designed for temperature measurement in hazardous environments. They are made flameproof and explosion proof via a robust die cast aluminum head and mineral insulation. Optional heads include cast-iron, SS304 and SS316. The standard head for RX RTD sensors is certified flameproof for gas groups I, IIA and IIB. An assembly certified for gas group IIC (Hydrogren) can also be constructed. RX000 RTD sensors measure between -50 and 250°C while RX500 RTD sensors measure between -50 and 400 °C. The RTD element is terminated in nickel-plated brass terminals mounted on a high-purity steatite terminal block. The block is mounted on a spring loaded stainless steel disc to protect the ceramic from impact and vibration damage as well as ensure proper contact inside the protective well. RX RTD sensors are constructed with single cable entry and single compression cable glands however, the options of dual cable entry and double compression cable glands are also available. Other options include connecting cables and thermowells.




  • For use in hazardous areas

  • Certified for gas groups I, IIA & IIB (IIC optional)

  • Die cast aluminium (SS304, SS316 and cast iron heads optional)

  • RX000 : -50 to 250 °C range

  • RX500 : -50 to 400 °C range

  • Impact and Vibration resistant

  • Threaded / Flanged process connections




Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors are Class A rated Resistance Flameproof Temperature Sensors suited for Flameproof & Hazardous Areas.

Other details:

  • The Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors are Stainless Steel 316 MOC sensors with Class A accuracy along with an Aluminium LM-6 Flameproof Thermocouple Head suitable for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB & are certified by CIMFR, Dhanbad.

  • Customized lengths & diameter of pipe are available for all temperature applications.

  • Measuring range of the Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensor is from -100 to 300 Deg.C & customized temperature measuring ranges are also available.

  • Head Mounted Temperature transmitters are also available for 4-20mA, 2 wire current analog output.

  • Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors have immense application in Pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, petroleum & chemical industry & find extensive use






Designed to meet the strict quality standards of high hygiene environments, Flame India's sanitary RTD sensors are ideal for food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical process. With a choice of process connections, cable options, and other customization, we have something for every application here! The RTD sensor's 2, 3 or 4-wire platinum element can be constructed in simplex or duplex assembly. The RTDs can measure temperatures between -50 and 250°C.


  • For food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical processes

  • RTDs with female nuts, ingold ports, tri clover connections

  • 2, 3 or 4-wire platinum element in simplex or duplex assembly

  • SS316L wetted parts

  • Class B / Class A / Higher accuracy as per IEC 751





HVAC  RTD sensors designed for various environments and applications such as pharmaceutical rooms, warehouses office/facility cooling, refrigerated storage units,  laboratories and just about any HVAC application. We also have outdoor Air Temperature RTD sensors for corrosive, condensing or dusty air as well as sensors with black anodized sheaths and fins for quick sensing. 
The sensors are constructed of 3-wire Pt100 elements, made in simplex or duplex assembly and can measure temperatures up to 250°C.



  • 3-wire Pt100 element in simplex or duplex type

  • Temperature range up to 250°C

  • Range of mountings

  • Weatherproof housings

  • Optional choice of temperature transmitter and cable





A temperature transmitter is a device that connects to a temperature sensor to transmit the signal elsewhere for monitoring and control purposes. Typically, the temperature sensor is either an RTD, Thermisor or Thermocouple type sensor and will interface with a PLC, DCS, data logger or display hardware.

The temperature transmitter's role is to isolate the temperature signal, filter any EMC noise, amplify and convert the temperature sensor's signal to a 4-20mA or 0-10V DC range for further use.

4-20ma temperature transmitters are common in manufacturing as the majority of industrial equipment communiciates via this signal range. The transmitted temperature signal can be scaled inside the temperature transmitter to accommodate the needs of the application, e.g. the 4mA can be used to represent -17.7°C (0° Fahrenheit) and the highest value in the range (20mA) can be used to represent 37.7 °C (100° Fahrenheit)

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